The French international will unearth his luck in regards to blackmail case on December 16.

The 28 year old striker misses out the Euro 2016 because Benzema is incriminating of blackmailing his compatriot Mathieu Valbuena over a sex tape.

The Real Madrid striker has launched and appeals over the inquisition excerpt the police’s dimension of obtaining information as illicit.

The Versailles Court of Appeal gave its pronouncement on Friday and it was reveled that Benzema will learn his fortune next month.

It is hoped that the charges against him will be exude due to tactics used.
The 32 year old French international Mathieu Valbuena was also get arrested side by side with Benzema.

The 28 year old Real Madrid striker as left out from the French squad by their head coach Dider Deschamps, he also revealed that he will never encore him.

“I take decisions which I consider to be for the good of the national team,” he said.