The 20 year old Nigerian professional footballer and Arsenal midfielder has revealed that he the Arsenal player were left astonished after Olivier Giroud goal against Palace.


The 30 year old French international and Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud scored a goal against their counterpart Crystal Palace and he finishes the goal with a Scorpion kick and it was a goal to watch.

The 20 year old Arsenal player Alex Iwobi reveals that it is the best he has seen till now in his life and also wishes after this goal and the win against Crystal Palace the Gunners will boost up some confidence from their and it will help them in their future matches and hopefully this season they can earn the Premier league trophy.

The 20 year old Arsenal youngster added: “I have never seen a better goal than that live.

"A lot of people were coming in at half-time with their mouths open like this (does a jaw-dropping impression). They couldn’t believe it; they were all congratulating him, but it was only half-time. At the end of the game we could all say, ‘Well done, Ollie.’

“It’s so rare. We have some special players and you do see the odd crazy thing, but nothing like that has ever happened in training.

“We’ve had two now with Mkhitaryan [scoring in very similar fashion for Manchester United on Boxing Day]. Don’t know who will be next. Those two goals were up there with the best I have ever seen.”

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said that under his 20 year regime Giroud’s goal will be in top 5,

It was a huge compliment for the French striker and earlier players like Robert Pires, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp has score some extraordinary goals for the club.

In that match the young Iwobi started the match in absence of German star Mesut Ozil and maybe in their next match again he will get first team football against Bournemouth if Mesut Ozil will not get fit for the match.