The 35-year-old veteran striker avouched that still he gets fired up when he has got the opportunity to play against the Barcelona squad, though he reveals that there is nothing personal.


The Manchester United striker admitted that he gets motivated when he faces his former coach Pep Guardiola.

In 2009-2010 campaign the duo was at Barcelona and their relationship was not notoriously disputatious,

The striker leaves the Barcelona club only after one year and joined the Serie A side, AC Milan.

Now both of them are in the premier league as Ibrahimovic is with the Manchester United side as a striker and Pep Guardiola is with the Manchester City side as a manager.

The Swedish striker Ibrahimovic said that a match against Guardiola’s team give him extra motivation and inspire him more, though he reveals that they do not have any kind of personal dispute among themselves.

In an interview, Ibrahimovic said: "When I play against his team, it's something that motivates me, it gives me adrenaline,"

"It's not personal what I have. It's part of the game."

The duo won the La Liga title when they were back at the Barcelona and the Swedish international registered 16 goals in his name in that season with Barcelona.

The Manchester United striker said his relationship with the Manchester City manager changed quickly.

He voiced: "First he called me every day to have me and from one day to the next I didn't play anymore,"