The Manchester United Portuguese manager thinks that in this season it is an impossible job for his crew to earn the Silverware as the Chelsea team is far ahead from them in the premier league race this season.


This season the fascicle of Cup runs of Manchester United and on the other hand the Blues healthy lead at the premier league table because of this the special one thinks this season the premier league is an impossible target for them.

Last night the Manchester united team beat their opponents Wigan Athletic by 4-0 in the FA cup fourth round, courtesy to Marouane Fellaini, Chris Smalling, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Bastian Schweinsteige.

They won the match with flying colours against their opponents.
In the next month they will face the Southampton side in the EFL cup and they will continue their run in the Europa league also.

Because of this player have to take heavy burdens and commitments of fixtures, the special one draw a contrast between Manchester united and Liverpool, now the German coach’s team Liverpool is only focusing on the EPL title after they knocked out of the EFL cup a  few days ago against Southampton.

The special one added: "In a realistic way I think the Premier League is almost an impossible mission,"

"But I don't think about it I just think about the next match and that is not an impossible mission.

"In the EFL Cup we have 50 per cent chances of winning, in the FA Cup we are in the last 16 and in the Europa League we are still in the last 32, so there are plenty of matches to play

"Liverpool will play 16 matches to the end of the season, and we are in this crazy situation. Southampton will have 15 days before the final.

"We will have two matches against Saint-Etienne [in the Europa League] and the fifth round of the FA Cup."