The Spanish midfielder played a crucial role last night as his striker turned down the tide from his side when they are under pressure.


Isco avouched overcoming their city Rivals Atletico Madrid in the semi-final and reaching the Champions league final "tastes much better".

After the first leg where Ronaldo’s treble put them in a healthy position in the second leg but on their home ground the Atletico Madrid side roared back and in the first 20 minutes they had scored two crucial goals and put Madrid under pressure and while off a comeback in the air.

But they managed to fails that after Isco scored the crucial goal for his side.
With La Liga also in their hand, Real Madrid can be the first team to retain the Champions league in the modern era.

After the match, Isco said: "We are very happy, what we have achieved is not easy, we have eliminated a great rival,"

"Getting to the final this way tastes much better.

"It was what we expected, they scored two goals from our mistakes, we started very badly, but then we recovered and we played well.

"Our goal set them back and it was already very difficult.

"After going 2-0 down, we finally entered the game. It was a shame that we had to concede those two goals to understand the game."

After the match Real Madrid players thanks to their supports in an undercover section in the stadium.

Isco voiced: "It is something they deserve,"

"They have endured the downpour like champions. We have no trouble thanking them."