The 32 year old midfielder reveals that he knew that they will find a tough match against Osasuna, but in the second half the Argentine and the Uruguayan saved the Catalan side by scoring goals for them.


Last night the Blaugrana side missed a lot of chances against their counterpart in the first half but the Barcelona captain revels that he knew form the starting of the match that they will see off the Osasuna side.


In the second half the Uruguayan striker scores a goal and the Argentine Ace scores doubles for his side and they earn crucial away points from their match, but in the first half they missed a lot of chances and after the first half the scores were level for both the sides.

The midfielder voiced:

"Playing away from home is difficult but we kept going and we were able to show our quality with some good football which made the difference in the end,"

"We are happy with the win and with the way we played. We created plenty of chances, but failed to take them in the first half. But we never despaired. We knew the physical exertion would take its toll on them as we dominated the game.

"We kept on going in the second half and we eventually got the goals we were after via Suarez and Messi.

"The objective was to get the three points and we achieved that. 

"It was also important to keep a clean sheet and we did not lose possession often. We were looking for space all game and we managed to find space all the time. That is crucial to our game."