The former Spain international Luis Enrique, who is currently managing the Spanish champions FC Barcelona since 2014 is full of optimism going into Barcelona's game against Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday, where they are tasked with turning around a four-goal deficit.


After the 4-0 humbling in Paris, the FC Barcelona head coach remains convinced of turning things around and has backed his players to score six at Camp Nou on Wednesday.

The Spanish man and FC Barcelona boss believes, if a team can score four against them than they can score six in return.


As Luis Enrique said in his pre-game press conference on Tuesday, “We are only half way through the tie,"

“If a team can score four against us, we can score six. That doesn’t mean we have to score a certain amount by a certain point, but we have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.”

After a humiliating 4-0 defeat in Paris, the Spanish champions have won four games in a row and have switched to a 3-4-3 formation for the last three games.


Luis Enrique's optimism is enhanced by his team's recent form -- which culminated with a 5-0 win at Camp Nou against Celta Vigo on Saturday.

“We go into the game in good circumstances having improved our performances,"

"We have to be optimistic and we are.

“I am convinced that at some moment we will be close to qualifying, although I don’t want to say we will achieve it. And when we’re close, our morale will keep on growing and [PSG’s] may decrease.”