The 44 year old Frenchman was not a fan of the Swedish striker who joins Manchester United this season and.


Christophe Dugarry the former French international says that he son not like Ibrahimovic and he says he don not like his style also the way he plays.
Ibrahimovic has created too many problems in his past life and that irritates the Frenchman and he says that maybe he got many fans over the world but I am not one of them.


For him he gives an Example of Messi according to him Messi is an example of a great player who is achieving everything with so calmly with his team.

In his past life Ibrahimovic has welcomed many critics over him and he was all over headlines because of his actions and though he is a great footballer.
The 44 year told:

“For me, Zlatan isn’t a great player. I’ve said it over 200 million times. Because for me, with very great players, you never have problems and they make others better.

“Who could say that Messi would leave a bit of room to Neymar and [Luis] Suarez? And yet, he does.”

In this season the Manchester united brought him from PSG and so far he has a mixed kind of season for them when he scored few goals in his opening matches and after that he didn’t have a single goal in consecutive six matches.

In their last match before the international break where the Red Devils beaten the Swansea side by 3-1 there the Swedish  scored two goals for them and now all over he has scored eight goals for them in 17 emergences.