The England’s boss Sam Allardyce is looking forward to meet the Manchester City’s new manager Pep Guardiola about the future of the England No. 1 Joe Hart.


The 29-years-old England and City’s goalkeeper Joe Hart has been benched in City’s first Premier League match of the season and the England boss Sam Allardyce is eager to know the reason behind it.

The City’s boss Pep Guardiola has recently admitted that he wants a goalkeeper who is good with his foot skill and they are so near to bring the Barcelona’s shot stopper Claudio Bravo to the Etihad stadium, which is making the England National Football Team’s boss Sam Allardyce more curious about the future of the no. 1 shot stopper of the English side,

As he said, “Absolutely — eventually, in the end, [playing regularly] is critical for a player," 

"If it's a short period of time, maybe not. Then they come back in the team and everything’s goes fine.

"If it goes for a longer period of time then I think it’s difficult then to select them, based on how they feel, never mind from a training point of view — can they go and play at that level having not played for their own team for a considerable amount of time? So it is a concern.

"I'll go and speak to them about that – Pep and Joe - sooner or later. Certainly when Joe joins us because he'll be in the squad.

"If I can get the chance to go and see Pep I'd like to listen to him anyway."