The Argentina international Di Maria, who is currently playing for the France giant Paris Saint-Germain since 2015 has hailed his side's 'perfect' performance against the Spanish giant FC Barcelona after humiliating  their rivals  4-0 at the Parc des Princes in the Champions League on Wednesday.


The Argentina international Di Maria himself scored a beautiful free kick and clear goal from outside of the D box and helped his side to win the first leg of the Champions League on Wednesday.

Even after a huge 1st leg win over the Spanish giants FC Barcelona, the 29-year-old Argentina internationa Di Maria is convinced they will have a fight on their hands in the return-leg at the Camp Nou in three weeks' time and will need to give it their all to beat the best team in the world.

And most importantly PSG’s forward also believes that the humiliating 4-0 win over FC Barcelona was a sweet revenge for him, as when Di Maria was in Spain playing for FC Barcelona’s biggest rival Real Madrid, the Argentine forward was part of the Real Madrid's 5-0 capitulation against Barcelona back in 2010.

And Wednesday he did same with the Spanish champions FC Barcelona, which he believes a sweet revenge.


As Di Maria said, "I was there for Barca's 5-0 win over Real Madrid and was left with a similar facial expression right after it as they have now. Surely, Barcelona have been finished."