The new 22 year AC Milan player was dumbfounded after their thrilling match against their opponent where with 8 men they emerged victorious.


The new AC Milan player who just joined them from Everton is still in disbelief after their side won the Serie A match with just 9 men.

 In their previous match Juraj Kucka and Gabriel Paletta picked up red cards, albeit that the Rossoneri side showcases some wonderful football against their counterpart and the 2 year old Spanish attacker displayed some wonderful football for them and he also set up the pass to Mario Pasalic.

Before that match Milan lost all their previous four matches and in there three on Serie A and if they lost their match against Bologna to then they would create their own worst losing streak after April 1986.

But the Serie A giant player some formidable football in that match and emerged as a winner with 9 men.

After the match the spanish player added: "It was an incredible night - I have never seen a game like this, with nine against 11,"

"These three points feel like they are worth six. In fact, let's say they are worth 10!

"These are three points of astonishing importance and we are very happy.

"We honoured the jersey. Milan is a historic club and we must always put in performances of such determination.

"I ran to the byline and I saw Pasalic there. I don't do easy things, I try to do the difficult things and when I saw him there I had to try.

"I did think the red cards were harsh but this Milan has young players with character. Day by day, game by game, they can go far."