The former Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is currently playing for the Premier League giant Manchester United claims that he sees himself 'as an animal' that does not need rest like normal footballers.

Ibrahimovic: 'I see myself as an animal'

— Goal UK (@GoalUK) January 7, 2017


The former Sweden international and PSG’s star forward is currently leading the Manchester United very well in the league, where he is in the race of the top scorer of the league and Ibrahimovic believes that he is incredible shape, but credits Jose Mourinho with helping him stay fit this season.

The 35-year-old forward has already scored more than 15 goals for the Premier League giant since he joined the club in 2016 and he is the second highest scorer in the Premier League this season, with 13 goals in 19 appearances for the Red Devils.


Once the Portuguese man Jose Mourinho, who is currently managing the Premier League side had been questioned whether he would rest the forward, but admitted that despite Ibrahimovic's age, he would not drop him from his starting XI.

Now the former Sweden international has echoed his manager's claims, stating that he does not have 'a normal body' and that his training regime at Old Trafford is helping him stay at peak fitness.

As the forward said to the club's official website,

"I feel good, I feel in shape," 

"The boss has made a good programme for me since the start. He has been adapting my physical point of view and the way I can play every game. He has to get the credit for that.”

"The mixture between training, recovery and the game, I do it differently, and he set it up for me. So that is why I can hold out for so long.”

"And, when you have a body like me, it is not a normal body. It is like when you see an animal. It goes in and is fresh always so I see myself as an animal."