This season the Blues Midfielder has earned accolades after his performance, but the midfielder deflects attention to other.


The 25-year-old midfielder does not consider himself the best player in the Premier league,

But this season he has received word of encouragement from other because of his impeccable performance.

He took his game to whole new different altitude since the day he took his first steps in the Premier league,

He is continuing his impressive run in the premier league from last year when he was one of the pivotal players to put Leicester City in the zenith position of the Premier league,

And in this season he picked up from where he left the last season.

The 25-year-old French player has become the cynosure and the way he is pacing his Brief career in EPL he will finish to a different standard and the second successive title win for him is just a matter of time.

But he is getting a little bothered with all the lights gazing upon him he wants to proceed his business in a very simple and silent manner and he wants his other teammates to get the same attention as he is getting right now,

He said: "We have to take the games one after the other. That's what everyone is thinking. We have to keep a hold on everything.

“My current form? I am flourishing, but I don't feel like the best player in the Premier League.

“There are a lot of good players. A lot of guys would deserve that title on my team.”