The former Arsenal legend is unsure that whether he is ready to step into his former Coach’s shoe and right now he is with the Belgium national team.


The former Gunners attacker is in a state of mind and he doesn’t know whether he is ready to replace the Arsene Wenger or not.

After the end of the season, Arsene Wenger’s contract with the Arsenal side will be over and his future with the Arsenal club is uncertain as increasing pressure from the Arsenal supports with they are struggling in the EPL and also got deleted from the Champions league.

Arsenal is now sitting at the sixth of the EPL table as they lost their last four matches in their five games and in the Champions league round of 16,

they concede 10 goals from the German Champions Bayern Munich.

Now the Arsenal legend Henry is with the Belgium national team and he is the assistance coach of Belgium, right now he is the principal candidate to replace Wenger in the Emirates stadium.

Henry said: "It doesn't depend on me, there are things to be respected, it's my club of heart but I do not have any right-wings,"

"My name is quoted to succeed Wenger, I hear that. But it's hard for me to talk about it I have a lot of respect for everything the coach has done.

"Am I ready? I don't know and nobody knows, but I also need to learn my job."

"I will not be a consultant all my life, but coaching is not my aim," added Henry, who works alongside Belgium head coach Roberto Martinez.

"I have not fixed any goal in the head, I will love it [be a coach] and I will do everything for it. But, right now, I'm in learning mode."