The former Arsenal legend thinks that the Chilean attacker of Arsenal could revive his partnership with his countryman with whom he won two consecutive Copa Americas in Bravia.


The 39 year old French superstar and Arsenal legend believes that the current Arsenal superstar Alexis Sanchez could leave the Gunners and could join that Bayern Munich side.

The 28 year old Chilean superstar has joined the Gunners side back in 2014-2015 from the Barcelona side after that he firm his spot in the starting lineup, but this season he stalled due his new contract with them because of wage demands.

The former Arsenal superstar admits that he loves to see the Chilean superstar to stay with the Gunners and love to see his brilliant run for them but same time he believes that club should play a good balancing act with other superstars and with him.

Henry told to Sky sports: "I want him to sign, everybody wants him to sign,"

"That’s a tricky one for the club. That’s why you have guys there to be able to deal with that.

"But, as an Arsenal fan, I want Alexis Sanchez to stay for life because he is the future of the club. Same with Mesut Ozil."

And questioned asked to Henry where he thinks that the Chilean attacker could end up.

He replied: "If he ever leaves then you would think the likes of Bayern are going to come, Paris Saint-Germain,"

"Maybe joining his friend Vidal at Bayern Munich so we’ll see. But stay… don’t listen to anyone, find a way, stay!"