The former  Barcelona coach persist that Goalkeeper is not the problem as he mourn his crew’s lack of enthusiasm when they are defending.


The Catalan manager persists that the Sky Blues Goalkeeping woes this season have been due to his Players incapacity to defend properly.

This season Manchester City took over the Barcelona goalkeeper and in his early stage the Chilean goalkeeper has undergone many criticism because of his inability to stop the balls when needed most.

And he was benched in many games by the Spaniard manager and in place of him the Argentine goalkeeper Caballero started many games for the English giants.

But in their last match against Hull City the Spaniard coach recalled his goalkeeper from the first squad but in that match he conceded a goal against the Hull City.

But the coach is not angry with his goalkeeper’s performance but he is frustrated with his defenders.

Guardiola said: "The problem when we concede goals is not the goalkeeper - it's not Claudio, it's not Willy,"


"So the problem with the goal against Hull was six players didn't want to defend. There was a corner, a second ball and six players said 'OK, that's not my business'. We defended in the box four against six.


"The problem is not the goalkeepers. Everyone can make mistakes, make a good save, a lot of players miss clear, clear goals."