The 25 year old Frenchman thinks that it is impossible to end Messi and Roanldo’s Ballon d'Or winning streak, as the both are wining the awards among themselves for the last eight years, and he is hopeful that this time he can end their winning streak.


As long as the Messi and Ronaldo are still there the Frenchman thinks that it is impossible to win the award if he is competing with them and there are the  with him in the list.

In the last eight times the Argentine and the Portuguese have won the award,and the Barcelona star has won the award five times and the Portuguese has won the award three times.



This year the Frenchman displayed a wonderful game for his club and for his country ,last year for Atletico Madrid the attacker has netted 32 goals in his 54 Emergences and also he guided his country to the Eufa Euro final 2016,and his club Atletico Madrid to the champions league final, but in both the occasion his side were defeated  by the Ronaldo’s side, as in champions league the Real Madrid beat them in the final and in the Euro cup final the Portugal team defeated  France in their home ground and lifted the cup for the first time.

The 25 year old express that:

"The Ballon d'Or is one of my objectives, but it will be complicated so long as Ronaldo and Messi are around,"

"Cristiano Ronaldo will be a legend of the game in 10 years' time or so. It is up to me to keep working hard to reach that level. I work hard every day to improve.

"Ronaldo has enjoyed a great season. He won the Champions League and Euro 2016. It would be deserved if he wins the Ballon d'Or.

"But there is always Messi to take into account. He is present every year when it comes to the Ballon d'Or."