The 25-year-old French international continues to be linked with the summer move, but he thinks that he will not leave Atletico Madrid if they won’t agree to sell him.


The Atletico Madrid man rehearses that any decision regarding his transfer is in the hand of Atletico Madrid.

There were rumors that the Atletico Madrid man could move his way out with a big money move to Manchester United.

As the Red Devils identified him as one of their top main target for the upcoming transfer season.

The French international does not want to involve him with any kind of rumors and also said that he is currently tied up with the Atletico Madrid squad.

The attacker is adamant that he will leave his club if they want to sell him.

Griezmann told beIN Sports: "As I have said so many times in the past, I have a contract with Atlético, I am happy here and so is my family.

“And besides, to leave, first the club has to want to sell me, right?"
: "I try to be happy out on the pitch and give my best for the fans.

"Everything's going well. Here we have sun all the year round and that is also a big help".

In this season the striker has scored 21 goals for his side in all competition, and because of that he is again in the spotlight,

But this season the Atletico Madrid side is struggling to hold their spot in the Champions league and also they are chasing another appearance in the Champions league final.