Football news claims that according to the German manager of Liverpool Klopp there will be no difficulty to reintegrating Coutinho as he did not want to join the premier league rival club.

Jurgen Klopp believes that it might have been difficult for the star midfielder to join the Reds side if he handed a transfer request to join a club like Everton other than Barcelona.

This season the Brazilian superstar yet to make his debut for the Liverpool side and now he is back at the Liverpool side after he just made his two appearances for his national side in the during this international break,

But football news says he is still out of Liverpool squad in there today’s match against Manchester City.

Klopp voiced: "Do I think that somebody could have [a complaint]? Most of them are friends for many years,"

"100 per cent if a club like Barcelona is around then nobody says: 'Are you crazy, what do you want to go there for?'

"Everyone has this little bit of understanding and thinks 'OK it's Barcelona' and it is not that he wants to go to Everton. Then it would have been different I would say. Another wonderful club but a different situation.

"[The rest of the squad] know him. He wasn't in for three, now four weeks with the international break, that is nothing. They are really good friends. They understand it a bit. They probably wished it could have been different, but now it is not anything."