The U-17 World Cup will be hosted by India and will be held across six cities — New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Margao, Kochi and Navi Mumbai from October 6 to 28. India got the right to host the prestigious event in December 2013.


And the FIFA Under-17 World Cup Director Javier Ceppi has recently told the in an exclusive interview that "This is a big opportunity to create a football revolution in India. This, by far, is going to be the best football every Indian is going to witness,"

The Chile man has also admitted that, "I come from a country (Chile) where football is the number one sport. We have a big responsibility on our shoulders. We want to make football popular in India. This is the first chance for India, so let's make it count. It is an opportunity for every football fan to come forward and say 'I am a football fan and I love the beautiful game',


And speaking about the growth of Indian football, the FIFA Under-17 World Cup Director Javier Ceppi said, "Honestly, the interest in football in India is definitely growing. I have seen a huge football following in India. Around 60 to 65 percent of the population in India says they are football fans. I have not only seen their interest in European football or FIFA World Cup, but also in domestic tournaments like Indian Super League and I-League,"


24 teams from all over the world, including hosts India, will take part in the upcoming FIFA U 17 World Cup, which will have 52 matches and will be played before an expected global audience of over 200 million in 200 countries.