The Spanish coach of PSG is willing to add the Brazilian superstar Neymar to their side to compete in the Champions league.


Unai Emery thinks the signing of the Barcelona superstar would propel the Ligue 1 side to the Champions league debate.

This season PSG side wants to bring the Brazilian captain to their squad and they are ready to offer a bumper €222million for the Superstar.

But now it is claimed that the Brazilian superstar wants to be an outright in a team, a status what he is not having in Barcelona under the shadow of Messi, Who just signed a new deal with Barcelona a few days ago.

Last season Neymar played an integral part in that historic match against PSG, where Barcelona managed to defeat PSG by 6-1 goals in Camp Nou.

The PSG coach avouched: “PSG wants the best players in the world, who are in the best clubs in the world”.

"If we want to compete with Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid and win the Champions League, then PSG must have a player of the world top five. We are trying to get one signed this summer."

Last season Unai Emery took the charge of PSG and it was not a decent one for PSG side under his wing as they were unable to hold onto their Ligue 1 Title and faced a mammoth defeat against Barcelona in the Champions league.

Regarding the Transfer of Neymar, Emery voiced: "Neymar belongs to the top five in the world,"

"The president and the club have been working for years to attract the best players.

"The team, but also the fans, would be glad that there is a top five, six or seven player in addition to the already strong ones who are here.

"This quest is not easy. Maybe we'll get there, maybe not."