The 23 year old Juventus striker wants the Catalan side as their opponents in the Champions league final this year.


The repeat of 2015 Champions league final between Barcelona and Juventus that is the Juventus striker wants.

The Serie A champions are into the Champions league quarter final after they defeated the Porto side at the Turin stadium by 1-0 goals, and reached to the next round by 3-0 aggregate,

The Argentine striker joined the Juventus side last season from Palermo side and he feels a match against Barcelona in the Champions league final would be ideal,

In their last meeting the Juventus side faced a defeat from them in the Champions league final by 3-1 goals,

Dybala said:   "Do I want to meet Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich? I would leave Barca for the final,"

"As it was two years ago, when I wasn't there."

Teams like Borussia Dortmund and Leicester City, and Real Madrid and Bayern Munich is there,

The Juventus player is optimistic that his side can reach to the final.

He voiced: "Now, all the games are difficult.

"The draw will tell us who we face. We will try and get to the end."