Like Sporting Clube de Goa and Salgaocar FC the Golden FC will not play in the next year I league.


On this Wednesday the Dempo club announces that they will not play in the next year I LEAGUE season on 2016-2017.


The president of the Goa’s club Corresponded to the Kushal Das (All India Football Federation (AIFF) General Secretary with consideration to the decision that they will not take part on the upcoming top tier of Indian football.

The communication between Kushal das and the President Is as follow:

Our decision at Dempo Sports Club on participating in the ensuing I-League (2016-17) has been carefully discussed and evaluated by the club management during the last few months.

Fifty years ago when we formed a team Goa our main objective is that to contribute to the development of football in India.

In the last 15 years the Dempo FC has been the most successful club in the Indian football, we have own all the major trophies in Indian football history like we have own I league five times and National Football League and all other trophies in India, and in those years we have produced many players and they are right now doing their service for their Country.

In the last meeting which was held at Delhi all Indian football federation has proposed that they try to regroup the ISL and I  league, we have many assertion from the AIFF on the final road map on regrouping is still on the process.

The Hierarchy of the Demo and the promoters have decided that it will not be a worthwhile to spent more money in require to form and field a team in the I league so with great sorrow we are announcing that we will not a part in the next year I League competition.

We have our love for the game and we like to inform you that in next year we will double our investments and also we will try to Bring out some young talents from the grassroots level, in next year in the scholastic year we are launching a football academy.

This decision will not repel our participation in some other Tournament which will be introduced by the AIFF in the future.