The 39 year old former France international believes that football has a huge possibility to grow on Indian and it can become the most popular sport in India.


The former Juventus man feels that India has to go to long way down to compare their football league with other Asian leagues, but he thinks that in India, there are great possibilities to grow football.

Trezeguet speaks these things on his visit to Doha by a visit to the offices of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy.

Back in 2014 the 39 year old French striker was a part of the ISL with Pune where he spent 1 year,

He thinks that the Asian football is the future of the football and he also expressed his views on Indian football.

He added: "Asian football is the future of football. It is an interesting development, and time will tell how well they achieve this objective. Indian football in relation to others is still behind, and football is not yet the most popular sport in India." 

"But they have a big margin of growth. China is mobilising in a great way in football, and I think the future in India can be in the same direction,"

The former world cup winner also very excited to see the 2022 world cup, where the World cup will be happening at the mid time of the season and he thinks it will be great to watch it that time. 

On this he voiced: "Players will be fresher in the middle of the season, and the football will be more spectacular as a result. We also have to remember that the World Cup brings together teams from around the world, and the edition in Qatar will be a new concept that will be an important change for the world,"