DSK Shivjani fell to a late goal, the English former footballer and DSK Shivajians boss thinks that his side worst performance so far in the I LEAGUE.


In their last match the Pune based team lost their match against Aizwal FC, the boss is unhappy with his team’s defense and he dilapidated his team defense.

He added: "If you don’t defend crosses in football, you are going to concede and to lose to a goal so late is not acceptable. We need to start learning how to kill a game off. If you don’t concentrate for 90 minutes, you will be punished,"

In that match the 1 year old substituted two young players in the first half and questioned asked to him about the substitution in reply he said: "It was a tactical decision. I’m here to make changes if I feel the boys have not performed to the desired level. Sometimes when your young players are struggling, you need to take them out at the right time,"

The Pune based clubs coach thinks that from that match they deserve one point, but also fells his crew were unable to perform on that day.

He said: "It was a scrappy game. Both teams did not deserve to win the game. At the end of the day, Aizawl have done a good job. I wish them all the best. We just need to get back home and recover,"

"For the first 65 minutes, we were poor. We were not at the races but for the final 20 minutes, we were the stronger team. But if you don’t defend, you get punished," he added before brushing off suggestions that DSK Shivajians were overly defensive in the first half. 

"I don’t play a defensive system. That’s not our game. We created chances from crosses and set pieces. Dave Rogers doesn’t play defensive!"

He was also not happy with the match referring on this he voiced: "I think there were a couple of bad decisions for either team in the match. If we are going to improve the football here, it’s not just the coaches or players who have to improve. We need to take a long look at the whole situation,"

The Aizwal FC coach gave credit to his crew after winning the match against DSK Shivajains.

He elucidated: "My players are mature and they know the job they have to do. The credit for the win goes to all of them,"