The Liverpool boss Klopp put forward his words saying there is no any such issue between him and the striker Klopp, after the striker was frustrated for not giving him a chance to play at his preferable area and instead letting him play wide. 


Defeating Burton Albion in the EPL cup by 5-0, clearly there was a sense of happiness in the striker by putting forward his helping hands when and wherever his team required him, but he was very much clear to show up his intentions to play as a striker


 Jurgen Klopp on this account said:

"I don't want to play Daniel as a wide player but he can play there.

"It wasn't a fixed position for him. There is absolutely no problem.

"Daniel is a very smart player. He's good at getting himself into positions where it's not easy to defend. It's not that you play there and wait until something happens. It's flexible football. It's about getting in and around the box."


"This game is completely different to the last two we played," he said.

"They are a pressing team. They don't give away a lot of spaces."

"We have become more experienced," he said.  We feel stronger together, we've had good moments together."