The 24-year-old Brazilian attacker says having the Barcelona man in their team makes other players life a bit easy in Brazil side.


The Liverpool man praised about his compatriot and believes Neymar has got some kind of magical quality and also express his joy to play side by side with him.

As per our news, we get to know that the Spanish side Barcelona is ready to bucket the Liverpool man Coutinho in their squad,

Barcelona is preparing to offer a huge amount of money for the Young Brazilian after the end of the season.

Neymar also avouched that he also wants his countryman to join the Barcelona team and believes he would be a perfect fit for them.

Coutinho said: "Look, Neymar is a great player as we can all see,"

"He is the guy that decides a lot of games, a guy that is fundamental on our national team.

"We have been together over a period of time since the youth teams, and playing beside him, he can change the game easily. 

"We give the ball to him and he sorts it out!"

In their last match Brazil side thrashed the Uruguay side by 4-1 goals and with that win the won straight eight matches under their new coach Tite,

Coutinho voiced: "Of course, it is really cool to see that everyone is with us,"

"Obviously everyone is following Tite's work – he is doing a great job. So this just makes us more confident.

"As you saw in the stadium, there was a lot of positive energy. So it' is really good for us."

Brazil will play their next match against Paraguay in Sao Paulo on Tuesday.