In their last meeting the Italian manager was criticized because of his celebration over the victory against the Manchester United side. But now the Italian is not ready to tone down his voice before the match ahead of Monday.


The Blues new manager has not cleared the air with the Portuguese one since they met in the Premier league clash.

On this Monday the Chelsea team will play against the Manchester United side in the FA cup Quarter final and the Manchester United side will defiantly try to take avenge on them.

Before that match the former Blues manager Jose Mourinho who is now with the Red Devils side criticized Antonio Conte because of his overzealous celebration in that match.

Antonio Conte defends his actions and also says that it is his passion for the game and the celebration just simply show his passion.

Questioned asked to the Blues manager is he had a chat with the Special one,

In reply he said: "No, but I don't think it is important. 

"There is nothing to clarify with him. I think I have shown in my period at Chelsea that I live the game with great passion.

"My players are focused on the game, on the pitch, on the work every game. Mind games don't bring you to win.

"Before the October game I was sure we were facing a great team. It is the same now.

"In October we didn't know our future. Now we are in March and we stay on top of the table. We have a good identity as a team."