After two seasons the Varca based club will play this year’s I LEAGUE that is confirm.


In the upcoming 2016-2017 I league the Churchill Brothers will carry Goa’s precedent.


The Red Machines are back in the I LEAGUE after an Emergency committee of AIFFA held a meeting on Thursday and they agreed at a point that they should bring back them.

Two years back the Goan based club were dumped form the I league because they were unable to fulfill mandatory club license criteria, in 2014 the club writ a petition to the New Delhi High court and after two years the Honorable judge gave an judgment to Consider the Churchill Brothers for this year I league.

The AIFFA publish a statement, it is as follow: 

"It was observed by the committee that the Hon’ble Delhi High Court has directed AIFF to take into account the track records and history of Churchill Bros. while considering their representation. In compliance with the specific direction of the Hon’ble High Court and also Churchill Brothers Sports Club’s commitment to fulfilling the licensing criteria as stipulated in the order dated November 28, 2016, the Committee unanimously decided to allow them to participate in the season 2016-17,"