The English midfielder Carrick will be 36 in the summer and he could hang up his boots if the Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho did not offer him a new deal.


The 35 year old Manchester United midfielder decides that he will retire from football if his side not offers him a new contract.

Carriack’s deal with the Red Devils will over at the end of this season and he can and he wishes to stay with them for a longer period time but his season under Mouirnho he was sidelined in most of the games.

The special one thinks that now the club does not need any more further and so he avouched that he will call his time off if he will  not be with them,

In an interview Carrick added: "I don't think there are many [other] places I'd want to play, if any - after this, anyway,"

"I probably would say, 'Yes, that would be it.' I’ve had such a time here that I don't think I'd go ­elsewhere.

"I understand I'm not going to play every game and I haven't really got a problem with that, but I need to be playing enough.

"There's pride as well. Gary ­Neville springs to mind - he stopped halfway through the ­season. He said, 'You know what? That's it. I can't do it now,' which you've got to respect.

"I don't want to be ­hanging around too long just for the sake of it. I'd want to be going out when I still feel I'm ­contributing enough."

In the recent weeks the midfielder will meet the Portuguese manager and then he will discuss with him about his future.

He added: "I haven't really had that much of a conversation with him yet,"

"Obviously that will happen at some stage - pretty soon I'd have thought. That's something I'm really relaxed about, and I'm sure he is as well."