The former Liverpool defender thinks that this season the Red Devils cannot win the Premier league crown under Jose Mourinho and he thinks the Portuguese can bite any other opponents hand to finish at the top four.


The 38 year old Liverpool legend thinks this season the Reds Devils cannot win the trophy because as they wasted many opportunities in this season.
Sunday they played a FOOTBALL MATCH against West Ham and they drew that match by 1-1, there they created many opportunities but they wasted the most number of chances to capitalize.

Now after Sunday’s match the Manchester United site is sitting on the 6th on the table and they are 11 points adrift from the leaders Chelsea.
In the Epl table the first four :

Chelsea with 31 points sitting on the first position.

Liverpool with 30 points sitting on the second position.

Manchester City with 30 points sitting on the third position.

Arsenal with 28 points sitting on the fourth position.

The Manchester united side they have collected 20 points in their 13 matches and they are currently sitting on the Sixth position on the table and the special one would bite his counterparts hand to get a spot on champions league.

The defender added:

“I don’t think it’s a possibility they can win the title.

“Jose Mourinho still has to talk about winning the title because that’s what he said at the start of the season. I think if you offered Jose Mourinho top four now he’d bite your hand off.

“He doesn’t want Thursday night football again. He’s going strong in the Europa League because he realises that’s an avenue to the Champions League.

“They’ve got a big fight on their hands for top four."