The former PSG coach believes that signing the Brazilian superstar could leapfrog the PSG side to the greatness.


According to Laurent Blanc if Neymar joins the PSG side then it everyone will count PSG as a top rated European team and also PSG needs to win the Champions league to prove themselves.

PSG is ready to bucket the Brazilian superstar this season from Barcelona and they are willing to pay  €222 million for Neymar.

In an interview, Blanc voiced: "Paris want to become a great European club. It is a club that has incredible economic potential,"

"With a player of Neymar's level, PSG could become this great club in Europe in the future.

"The Champions League with him or with other players takes time. It is not a competition you win only by spending millions. Football doesn't work like that. A club needs stability.

"PSG grew very quickly, it is a club that has become important and will one day win the Champions League."

In Barcelona’s last match against Juventus Neymar showed what he is capable of, 

In that match, he scored two wonderful goals against the Old lady side.