The 29 year old French striker thinks that the attacking trio is unfairly singled out though they offer more thinks than goals.


The Real Madrid striker is displeased by the criticism of himself, Ronaldo and Gareth Bale and feels that they are more to them than scoring goals.

Last night they played against the Serie A outfit Napoli and they Trio fails to score a single match in that match, but they defeated their counterpart by 3-1 goals and they advanced to the next round of the Champions league.

This season often the trio got criticism and that displease the France international.

Benzema said: "Of course it bothers us. We do not just make goals, we do a lot of work for the whole team,"

"When there is a difficult match they always point us out. We work to win.

"We do not have time to talk about such things. We just work."

This season, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 25 goals for them in all competitions and the French striker Benzema has scored 15 goals and the Wales Wizard Bale has scored nine times for them so far.

The Real Madrid Left back Marcelo voiced: "The criticisms enter one ear and leave the other."