According to Juliano Belletti though Messi and Ronaldo dominated the football world for the past years but he feels now Neymar will step up.


The former Barcelona full-back Belletti thinks his countryman has all the potential quality to become the best in the football world.

Now Neymar is one shy of bringing his 100th goal for his Catalan club and he is one of the most pivotal players for them alongside with Messi and Suarez in the attack.

For the last couple of Years in the Ballon d'Or competition, Messi and Ronaldo shared the trophy among each other but the Champions league winner believes that his countryman is improving all the time and he will give them a fearsome competition in the coming days.

He said: "Neymar can be the best player in the world soon,"

"He knows about the pressure, he has more experience on the pitch and he is the best team in the world.

"He's a Brazilian, of course, which is good, but Barcelona have something Brazilian in the kind of match [they play].

"So it is good for Neymar. We will see a better Neymar in all of the [coming] years."

Barcelona’s historical game against PSG where the Catalan side thrashed them by 6-1 goals in their home ground in that match at the late stage Neymar step up and played match winning performance for them where he scored two crucial goals and also sets up the decisive goal for Sergio Roberto.

The former Barcelona man thinks the confidence from that victory could force Barcelona to won their second Champions league trophy in three years.

He added: "I think it is about confidence now,"

"After that victory against Paris Saint-Germain the players have more confidence to fight for the title."