Barca- Real Madrid have not given up La Liga hopes- Valverde

Barca- Real Madrid have not given up La Liga hopes- Valverde


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The New Barca manager is adamant that if he were in Zidane’s spot today he would not throw the towel, so why would they?

According to Barcelona manager Real Madrid have not given up on their hopes on La Liga though they are struggling this term in their domestic league.

Last night Barcelona won the match with flying colours against Real Sociedad by 4-2 goals,

Right now in the La Liga table Barcelona is sitting at the zenith position and they are nine points clear than the second placed team Atletico Madrid, and they are 19 points clear than their bitter rivals Real Madrid in the table, who are sitting at the 4th place in the table.

Despite this huge points gap, Madrid is still hopeful to retain their League title this season.

Valverde said: "Maybe Real Madrid can see other teams are closer on the table and they say that but I don't think any team has already given up on La Liga,"

"Atletico Madrid don't, Valencia don't and of course Real Madrid don't think that way despite the fact that the gap is really big and important.


"I wouldn't give up and I think they haven't give up yet."

Last night Barca was trailing 2-0 down against their counterparts but after that, they come hard on their opponents and won the match comfortably by 4-2 goals.

About that match, Valverde said: "It's true that during the first half Real Sociedad were better than us but it's also true we started in a good way. We had the first chances,"

"They were effective on their first opportunity and we suffered after that because it's difficult to win here. They started to believe again and they pushed us a lot.


"They are a good team and they were dangerous against our keeper. But the goal we scored before half-time helped us a lot and during the second half we were determined to win and we went for it.


"We believed in ourselves despite knowing that we were in a difficult stadium and against a rival, who has won over us many times before and a team who know how to play football really well."





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