The Spanish giants are eager to hold on to their Numero-uno  player for as long as possible but they need to prove that his current club is where he should belong.


Barcelona are set to work up Messi with a fresh deal as their leaving no stone unturned in the process to hold on to Messi forever.

December 16 has been finalized to start the bargain  with Barcelona at one end and Messi's father Jorge Messi on another side.

Barcelona is all readiness to hike Messi's wage and their ready to give him a the most money making deal in the history of football domain, but Messi is also looking forward to hear their Plans for the future for the betterment for both the club and football.

in the recent past the Catalan  side  has given new contracts to the likes of Javier Mascherano, Sergio Busquets and Neymar and another star player is next in the queue to enter contract extensions and then there is  other players like Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Ivan Rakitic who will also get into renewal discussion with the club.

the club is all set to increase their purchase balance from  €695 million - to €1 billion by 2021, they have also engaged with Japanese firm Rakuten as a result of signed shirt sponsorship and the firm has also played their part to help Barcelona handling those players extensions.

Messi who has seen 29 summers till now and for him sky is the limit so he wants to  be fully convinced  that his current club will help him keep making history for himself and for the club.
which is looking pretty inevitable.