This season the 25 year old Brazilian captain is in great form with Barcelona and ahead of him only three Brazilian players are there in the top scoring list and the Brazilian legend Cafu thinks that he can surpass them.


The AC Milan legend avouched that the way the Brazilian is playing he can easily surpass the Brazilian legend Pele.

The 25 year old has already scored 50 international goals and in front of him Pele Ronaldo and Romario are there in Brazils top scoring charts.

The Brazilian legend Pele registered 77 international goals in his name but the Cafu thinks Neymar has the ability and age to break Pele’s record.

In an interview Cafu said: "All records exist only to be beaten. Of course, Neymar has got it in him. 

"He's young and has time on his side. If he continues playing as he is now, then there is every possibility he will [overtake Pele]."

Last year the Brazilian captain helped his side to win the Olympic gold medal for the first time and in this world cup qualifying round Neymar has scored four goals for his country in five matches.

Cafu has made 142 international appearances for Brazil which is tougher to beat for Neymar,

He voiced: "I think this is understandable because no one has played for Brazil over such a long period of time as me - 16 years! 

"It is purely down to strength of will, my devotion to football and the effort I put in during all this time."