It was a very memorable win for the Bengaluru F.C to seize a win over Tampines Rovers, despite the conditions over there was not suitable for them but they took it in a very sporty manner and went ahead to grip the game



Bengaluru F.C swapped a very interesting and memorable win against Tampines Rovers at SreeKanteerava Stadium in Bangalore during the first leg of the Quarter final of the AFC cup, as per the nature of the game the winning margin for Bengaluru must have been a bit more. Thanks to CK Vineeth's 7th minute goal that helped the Bengaluru to win the match.


The Indian team captain Sunil Chhetri targeted the goal at the 6th min but it went on a bit wide, no sooner just after the one minute he went on with the ball single handedly and thereon passed the ball to Vineeth who made no mistake and secured a fantastic goal for his club.


Bengaluru after that paced up their skills and the way they were playing after that placed it on the brake as they looked to win the game and they were fantastic at that, with the Rovers unable to probe much in the dying embers of the game. The Bengaluru team hadAnchor a memorable 1-0 win in front of an empty stadium, but with the win sending further messages of solidarity to riot-stricken Bengaluru.