The 25 year old French superstar and Atletico Madrid attacker reveals that he wants to play football in America, peculiarly for the Miami side.


The 25 year old superstar admits that he wants to play football for the David Beckham’s Miami Franchise.

The Manchester United legend David Beckham who has spent his five years in America with LA Galaxy and played there in the Major soccer league he has revealed that his intention three years ago that he wants to bring the Major soccer league to south Florida.

But now the Former Manchester United player finding hard to find a suitable position for new stadium and earlier two sites was rejected by the local politicians because they are too near from the water.

Though the superstar is positive and optimistic about his project and when he does that then Griezmann will surely join his side.

In an interview the 25 year old Atlectio Madrid star reveals: "I love the States,"

"I want to have an NBA season ticket and go and watch each game with my children.

"I already see myself there. I don't know which city yet, but why not in Beckham's franchise in Miami. It would be the best to play under Beckham."

The French international also reveals that he wants to play with the nine time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt.

The sprinter Usain Bolt expresses his desire that he think that he will play as a football after he takes retirement from athletics.

The French superstar added: "Play against him, no, but with him, yes!"

"I would like him to play up front with me just behind to knock balls deep for him. I'd leave him all alone with the goalkeeper.

"I saw that he's trained a bit with Dortmund and Manchester United. Speed isn't everything, but he'd be a great striker at Atletico. Usain Bolt would be perfect for our game. Me behind and him up front. The best!"