The 20 year old French international fells that the Manchester United players has to be fit enough or else they will be benched by their manager Jose Mourniho.


The Armenian footballer was in the first team in their last match in the Europa League against Feyenoord, and he display a wonderful performance for them and now he is breathing under Martial’s neck to replace him in the starting lineup.

The 20 year old attacker is warned by the special one that he will not get much chance to prove himself.

And then last match the Portuguese coach benched the French youngster and instead of that he include Henrikh Mkhitaryan in starting lineup and then in that match they beat the Dutch team by 4-0,and it was the best performance from the Manchester United this season so far.

Before the Europa league match Manchester United holds Arsenal in their home ground and their draws the match by 1-1, and the Frenchman was criticized for his performance in that match by former Manchester United captain Gary Neille.

Now Manchester United handed him the number 11 jersey after the Zlatan Ibrahomovic gets the number 9 jersey from the club and our resources tell that for that he became upset.

The special one boss was not impressed with his performance this season; the youngster has scored two goals for them in his 12 emergences so far in all competition.

The special one added:

“You have one opportunity, you have two, you have three – if you don’t bite then somebody comes and takes the bait.

“Anthony was OK for Feyenoord. I cannot play with 12 players.

“The players have to win their positions. They are friends, they are colleagues who work together every day but in the end they compete between themselves to have more chance to play.

“Anthony played against Arsenal. Thursday was a moment to give (Henrikh) Mkhitaryan a chance to start.

“The way the team played last season – I’m not saying better or worse, just different – was probably more adaptive to Anthony.

“He was probably more comfortable playing that way, at that intensity, that rate of ball possession and ball circulation.