The Bayern Munch side was irrational this season but last night they manage to win against Atletico Madrid the coach thinks that will help them to boost their confident level.


Now in this mid season break the Bayern Munich side will have some confident within themselves after they won last night match against Atletico Madrid.

In Champions league group D the Bundesliga side finish their champions league run in the second spot and they are Behind Atletico Madrid side in the group and they are not Consistence this season under Ancelotti.
Also in their domestic league the Bayern Munich side is in the 2nd spot after RB Leipzig.

But last night the Bayern Munich side beat the Spanish giants Atletcio Madrid at Allianz Arena.

The Italian manager added after their performance:

"We played well, had a lot of possession and prevented counter-attacks,"

"We had defensive balance in this game. The result isn't important, but it gives us a lot of confidence for the coming games,"

"We only allowed a great opportunity at the beginning, but not many later," he said, referring to an early chance for Yannick Carrasco. 

"We did a good job, the most important thing is that we have a defensive grasp [on the game]. We had that."