Virat Kohli the captain of the Indian side was a bit agressive during the dismissal of Smith but at the end everything went on in a cool and calm manner both the teams without any conflict


As per the match statistics the match was never in the hands of Indian team before Australia came into bat for the 2nd innings and then it was magical Ashwin who showed up everything he has got vested within him


Australia at 73 for 3, chasing 188, were just a tad more than 100 runs away from taking a 2-0 lead and the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Steve Smith had batted himself to a decent position at 28 off 47 balls. And then the shattering shift occurred.


Ashwin ended with 6 for 41 and India drew level in style, when India steeped into the arena with just 188 runs in hand to defend that too in a test match and with sufficient amount of overs left for the match.


The man Ashwin came up as a savior and protected the team from a great loss and henceforth joining the hands with the team to a great win, which will definitely be marked in the history of cricket in the world.


Steve Smith on given out by the umpires was directing his views and ideas with the dressing room as of weather to take the review system or not, which was totally not cool from the Captain himself doing such stuffs which won’t be entertained in a game like cricket.


On this incident Kohli and Pujara walked up to him and said that this is not what he should do, rather he can go for the review or direct his ways towards the dressing room, Smith without showing and sort of aggression went on towards the pavilion.


It was a scenario of like everybody showing off the temperament to team Australia as because whatever Smith did weather it was intentional or not was not up to the spirit of the game and the team and Smith was being trolled on the way they showed up this attitude towards the game