Under the new leadership team India has been on a role at this time, recently in the 3 match ODI series they outfight team England.


They pocket the series in the second match by winning it. but they lost their last match which was held at Kolkata and they merely lost the match.

In the Test series they thrashed the England team by beating them in all of the test matches and convincingly won the test series against them by 4-0.

In this test series and also in the ODI series India dominated team England in every match and the new skipper Virat Kohli played an instrumental role for them in every format, and  the skipper told that he and his boys were preparing hard for the upcoming Champions trophy . This year the Champions trophy will be organized in England.


The other teams will play a bulk number of ODI matches before the Champions trophy, but team Indian will play no ODI matches before the Champions Trophy.

Many think that it will lead team India to be a Handicap situation, but the Indian skipper thinks that it is  a good concept and by playing the T20s they will get better in the death overs.

Kohli thinks it is not a bad thing for batsman because a few days ago, they played test series before the ODI series and after the T20s they will play one match against Bangladesh and then 4 test matches against Australia.

Kohli added: “It’s not such a bad thing. The more T20 cricket we play, we will be better at our death bowling. As far as our batting is concerned, we will look to maintain our existing techniques, and just using T20s and ODIs as an extension of Test cricket and not necessarily having to be reckless and slog every ball,”

The 28 year old thinks that they have to understand the condition in England and that will help them to flourish their performance there.

He quoted: “It’s very important to understand how to score in those conditions and you need to have a solid base and balance at the crease to be able to score runs in competitive conditions. The focus will be on not trying to overdo things and play good conventional cricket,”