The former West Indies international Brian Lara, who is widely known as one of the greatest cricketer ever believes that the Indian international and very new skipper Virat Kohli have an unique style batting and even in captaincy, he has his own style, which is very effective.


The 47-year-old former West Indies international Brain Lara, who has more than 11,000 test runs and 10000 ODI runs believes that the star batsman of this era Virat Kohli has his own style in batting as well as in his captaincy.

As in an interview Lara said, "Virat Kohli is one of the best batsmen in contemporary cricket and has his own style of batting. I am not the kind to rate players or compare him with anyone. Even in captaincy, he has his own style, which is proving to be very effective," 


And most importantly the 28-year-old India international has already tasted success in his first full tour as skipper, as India defeated England in test by 4-0 and won the one day and T20 series by 2-1 respectively.

But the left-hander with 34 Test centuries did not take long to draw his good friend Sachin Tendulkar into the conversation. "One should remember the impetus provided by the great Sachin (Tendulkar) while at his peak. He passed on a rich legacy to highly talented youngsters and they are ready to take on the world now," Lara added.