Vijay Mallya was spotted on television during the match between India vs Pakistan and recently landed up on the charity dinner organized by Virat Kohli in England 


But the thing to be noticed above all was that the Indian Cricket team including the captain & the host himself was sort of avoiding Mallya as because nobody wanted themselves to root up any connection with him

To the matter of surprise they didn’t only avoided him but the team left very early from the dinner as to avoid any sort of controversy upon them.

The Indian government is trying for Mallya's extradition from UK for alleged unpaid debts to the tune of Rs 9000 crore.

A BCCI source present at the event confirmed that Kohli and the Indian team were "uncomfortable" due to Mallya's presence.

"Look, Virat or his foundation never invited Mallya at the function. But normally what happens at the charity dinner is that someone who has bought a table is entitled to invite his guests. Similarly, someone who bought a table must have invited him," a top BCCI source present at the function said.

"The Indian team wasn't comfortable and they maintained a dignified distance from Mallya. Mallya's presence is one of the reason that team left early. The players were very uncomfortable. It was an unavoidable situation as one couldn't have possibly asked him to leave," the source said.