India collapsed against Pakistan and bowed down at 180 runs remaining to score to the target set by Pakistan in Champions Trophy 2K17


And he left no grounds on praising the all- rounder Hardik Pandya who smashed a massive 76 runs out of 43 balls he faced and then unfortunately ended up his innings by a run out which was really hearkbreaking from the viewpoint of India


Kohli praised Pandya not only for the innings he played but also for the fact that he performed under pressure when the whole batting order collapsed down, he was there standing tall leading his side to perfection



Not at all. We created a combination after the loss against Sri Lanka. We didn't want to be too predictable from there on in the tournament, and two spinners together did a good job for us. I have no regrets in playing the combination that we played today, and we have stuck to the same ever since we lost to Sri Lanka, so I have no feelings otherwise about the combination



This is what Kohli said on the post-match conference:


Not at all. I mean, we analyze our victories, also. We analyze defeats, as well. As I said, you learn with every cricket game that you play. It's up to you whether you are open to learning things or you're not. I mean, if you're happy with success and then you're completely ignoring it, and you want to ignore failures or dwell too much in it, it's not a good balance at all. We have identified areas, even in victories that we can improve at and this is a loss. I mean, it's the final, so it looks magnified to everyone, but we have won before, we have lost before, and we have always learnt things from all those games. There's nothing -- there's no game that we play that we feel like, oh, we don't even need to look back and see what we can improve on, and definitely when you haven't done things right, more things have gone wrong in a game, you obviously sit down and analyze and learn from it.