The play has been called off for the 3rd day as the conditions out there in Kingsmead, Durban  is not suitable to start it up.

As everybody was waiting for the match to resume there were some darker side of the weather conditions that didn’t allowed the match to commence.

As for the information for our viewers there were no single drop of rain today out here in Durban in spite it was a very sunny day, but as it had rained in the past and that created wet patches in the ground and making it unable to flow up with the day 3.

In the 1st innings South Africa just managed to score 263 runs and in return New Zealand is 15/2 after the end of 12 overs, as because due to the rain scenario commencement has been very difficult for the Umpires and the Captains to start it of well. And we all hope keeping our fingers crossed that the 4th day starts it off with a bang and no obstacles comes out in the way.