As per the LATEST CRICKET NEWS Sehwag has always been on the minds of his fan and general public as well  may it be for his twisted tweets or the way he played in the past, the man always wants to be in form even after his retirement, or we take into consideration the way he does his commentary.


On the contrary of his openness towards his sayings Sehwag also revealed as of how MS Dhoni guided Virat Kohli and saved his career from being destroyed and made him a man he is now.


While going on with a good flow with the commentary during the ongoing test match between England and India he also spoke about the day when Virat Kohli made his way towards the Indian team at perth in 2012.


"The selectors wanted to play Rohit Sharma instead of Kohli at Perth in 2012," said Sehwag. “I was vice-captain and Dhoni was leading the team, and we decided that we have to back Kohli. The rest is history."


Given the chance to play at Perth the gun scored 75 and 44 respectively before going for a maiden ton at Adelaide and as the gentleman said the rest is history after that.

He has groomed himself very much and made all his way to become the captain of the INDIAN CRICKET TEAM in the longer formats of the game.