Root regretted bitterly for his guilty mind in the Englands defeat at lords.

England’s vice captain and also one of the most dependable batsman of his side Joe Root was being recently promoted to bat at no. 3 came in to bat when England was in a very needy position for his vice captain to play a trusted innings and lead the team towards the path of victory.

When root came in to bat England scorecard read 47 for the fall of 2 wickets .And after getting on with a much slower defending start he was batting at 9 after playing 30 odd deliveries.

While batting at 9 runs on a simple delivery bowled by Rahatali which was a reckless pull shot by taking the delivery out of the off stump gave away his precious wicket at a no cost delivery which was not at all required by the vice skipper to play such an delivery that could have been defended or let it go to the wicketkeeper.

Joe Root being the most consistent batsmen much was being expected  when he stepped the ground at lords  from him to go all over the innings and play a memorable knock to snatch away a memorable victory and get a lead  in the first match of the test series.