The captain of the Indian Cricket team Virat Kohli appraised his team mate Jadeja by saying that he was the most outstanding bowler in the pitch of Ranchi, which for Jadeja must be a boastful complement to take upon


After the much tight and fighting ambience of the game that went on the 5th day and yet resulted in a draw unlike the other two games that gave us the result while it was on the 3rd or 4th day.


It was expected that the bowl might turn during the end of the game but as a matter to surprise everyone the bowl was coming on the bat nicely and the batsmen were not getting troubled by the bowlers which so ever line and length they were bowling to.


The bowl that were being used during the match disappointed Virat Kohli to a lot extent and he was very unhappy with the quality of bowl that was being used during the game and as per him this was also one of the main reason of not getting early wickets during the 5th day, which was expected to get on but died up at every point of time


The word from the expertise as of how they understood the game and went on to speak on some of the enlightened topics of the 3rd test at Ranchi:-


On the nature of the wicket...

Wicket didn't disappoint us. Obviously, the way the wicket is expected to break on days three, four and five, it happened but I think the hardness of the ball was a very big factor. Yesterday evening when the ball was hard, it was turning fast. Even this morning it was doing so, but in the second session it was not so hard, so to generate pace off the wicket becomes difficult for a bowler. When you get to the fifth day, as it is the pace becomes lesser. After that we tried with the second new ball, got a couple of wickets, but in the middle session, the hardness of the ball was a factor. But I don't want to take any credit away from their effort. They batted very well. Four down by lunch, and after that they didn't lose a wicket in the entire session. So credit to them. When someone plays well, you have to give them credit, we understand that. But we are also very happy with our efforts. Jadeja's bowling was outstanding in this match. All the bowlers bowled very well but Jadeja in my opinion was standout. If you look at his economy.... on this pitch it was high-class bowling and showed why he is the joint No. 1 bowler alongside Ashwin.



On the evolution of Pujara...

You know sometimes I really feel bad for him. People don't understand his importance so much in this team and what a valuable player he is for us. He is the most composed player we have in the team, he is willing to grind for his runs, he doesn't mind batting under pressure, he likes to take a challenge of batting... So someone like that is priceless to have in the team. When the pressure situation comes up, he is someone who will put his hand up and play long for the team and hold up one end which I think is a great quality in him. This season he has been outstanding, I don't know the number of runs he has scored but he has contributed throughout (the season). He has not been spoken about much or has been in the focus too much but he deserves much more than that. People need to stand up and take notice of what he has done this season, he has been outstanding with the bat and hopefully he will continue that in the last Test.



On the way he used Ashwin...

No, there's nothing wrong with Ashwin, there are no problems as such. You obviously want to choose ends - fast bowlers from the far end were more effective and the spinners were more effective from the commentary end. Obviously we have to understand where the game is placed, and what bowlers you want to use. Whenever Jadeja came on to bowl, he picked up a wicket every two-three overs. It was very difficult to change him at that stage because he was bowling in good momentum. So, I think, that was one of the factors. In the second innings, he bowled quite a few overs, we bowled him from both ends. It was difficult for the bowlers to generate much from the pitch. Jadeja you can leave him aside in this game because he really stood apart among all the bowlers. But I think in general the bowlers found it quite difficult to make things happen from the centre of the wicket. The key was to keep trying and that's what Ashwin does always, and put his best efforts in both the innings.

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18 Jun 2018 | 09:30 IST, 1ST TEST, DAY 5
M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru


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